Published June 2, 2017

ROV Lu’ukai Testing & ACO Cruise

A journey aboard the R/V Kilo Moana as she steers engineers and scientists to complete ROV testing and services to the Aloha Cabled Observatory
Jessica Lotts
Published September 9, 2016

IUCN WCC 2016 Intern Blog

Writing about my conservation & gender experiences at the 2016 International Union for the Conservation of Nature.
Jessica Lotts
Published June 25, 2016

Optimism for the Future of Pelekane Bay With Yuko Stender

"It’s important because otherwise they give up, and I don’t want them to give up.” 

Written by Jessica Lotts, ICRS Marine Journalist Intern
Published June 24, 2016

A Call for Help: Changing our Habits to Change the World

“It’s Hawaiian Life. You can’t have Hawaii without coral reefs"

Written by Jessica Lotts, ICRS Marine Journalist Intern. Illustrations by Kirsten Carlson, ICRS Media Intern
Published June 23, 2016

A New Hope for Coral Using Fast Growth Protocol

“This fast growth method has the potential to restore reefs like never before."

Jessica Lotts
Published June 22, 2016

From Underdog to Top Dog, Sponges Are Making a Comeback in Marine Science

*All photos were provided by Magdalena Lukowiak*

Jessica Lotts
Published April 28, 2016

Orvil Clark

& his reintegration to life after war

By Jessica Lotts
Published March 31, 2016

Jessica Lotts 

Journalist - Scientific Diver - Photographer